Our Pledge

Etched into the stone over the entrance are the words:

Enter here those who seek for a Sanctuary from the darkness
and you will find your peace.

General Guidelines

All players joining us should hold themselves to certain standards. We believe first and foremost that Sanctuary members should always show respect towards each other and their fellow players. To that end, the following guidelines should be met by all Sanctuary members while they are on official forums, guild or kinship forums, chat channels, voice comms, or in private tells.:

Guidelines for Role-play

We do not require members to role-play, but we encourage anyone interested in it to participate. We in Sanctuary will do everything we can to help you learn how to RP in such a way that is fun and interesting for you and those around you. If you choose to RP with us, there are certain things which will help keep all the members of Sanctuary together in their stories. In addition to the guidelines above which apply to all members of Sanctuary, role-playing members will also adhere to the following: